IBEX Partners With The International Osteoporosis Foundation In The Fight Against Osteoporosis

IBEX is thrilled to announce that it has joined the International Osteoporosis Foundation’s Committee of Corporate Advisors in efforts to tackle the ongoing osteoporosis crisis.

Osteoporosis is vastly underdiagnosed, leaving millions of people at risk of potentially devasting fragility fractures without the opportunity for preventative treatment and management”, says IOF CEO Philippe Halbout. “IBEX’s innovative technology, which is designed to allow for earlier detection of osteoporosis, is aligned with IOF’s mission to ensure that patients at risk are able to receive timely intervention”.

“We are therefore delighted to welcome IBEX to the IOF Committee of Corporate Advisors, an integral part of IOF’s large global network of dedicated bone health advocates. Together, we all share a common mission to promote healthy mobility in older adults worldwide. IOF looks forward to partnering with IBEX® on future projects and programs that will lead to greater awareness of bone health and decisive action on osteoporosis and fracture prevention.”

IBEX CEO, Neil Loxley, also commented: “IBEX is honoured to be joining the IOF Committee of Corporate advisors. I look forward to working together to increase diagnosis rates for this debilitating disease and to improve the lives and outcomes for osteoporosis sufferers worldwide.”

IBEX is proud to be partnering up with such a prominent organisation and we’re incredibly excited for the road ahead.

To find out more about IBEX’s efforts to combat the bone health crisis and support healthy ageing for all, click the button below…

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