The New Standard For CBCT

IBEX Trueview® delivers improved HU accuracy and unrivaled rendering and segmentation for all CBCT protocols. The advanced physics-based modeling at the heart of Trueview means accurate and reliable scatter correction for all body parts with no limitations on patient size.

Leading CBCT manufacturer, CurveBeam LLC have chosen Trueview to deliver unrivalled image quality for their weight-bearing CT products, including the new flagship HiRise system. It’s easy to see why when CurveBeam President, Arun Singh, says that it produces “the best bilateral foot renders I have ever seen”.

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Learn More about Trueview Scatter Correction

IBEX supplies a range of solutions for accurate scatter correction and quantitative imaging in DR, Mammography and CBCT, including a unique bone health classifier that adds DXA capabilities to standard DR.

We are seeking OEM partners to bring Trueview products to market. Contact us below to discuss how Trueview can bring a valuable new capability to your products and help you gain market share in the competitive medical imaging market.

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