Supporting healthy ageing through early diagnosis

Clinical Opinion

“I am now convinced that this technology could make a major contribution to the identification of people with osteoporosis and at risk of fractures”

Dr. Stephen Tuck: Consultant Rheumatologist at James Cook University Hospital.

“I am very much impressed by the quality of work which has been developed by IBEX during the last months/years. I think that you really have a potential breakthrough to help our patients suffering from osteoporosis”

Jean-Yves Reginster, M.D.: President ESCEO, Co-President IOF ad interim, Professor of Epidemiology and Health Economics, Liege University

“IBEX BH has been proven to identify bone mineral density loss from a single X-ray image. I wish this method had been available long before I had my first fragility fracture. As a radiographer and a patient, I believe that IBEX BH should be used as a screening tool for those at risk.”

Dr. Margot McBride
Research Diagnostic Radiographer and IBEX Innovations Clinical Advisor

We are pleased to be alongside IBEX on its journey to realise IBEX BH’s potential that IBEX BH has for opportunistic identification of fracture risk. In the future, we may see this technology informing robust clinical pathways and impacting earlier osteoporosis diagnosis that could prevent fractures.

Jill Griffin
Head of clinical Engagement at the Royal Osteoporosis Society

‘IBEX’s technology has the potential to support opportunistic finding of people with perceived low bone mass as a screening tool for further investigation of osteoporosis. There is also potential for a triage approach to identifying people who may be at risk into appropriate services’

Consensus Report on IBEX Trueview®
The Royal Osteoporosis Society Bone Densitometry Training and Advisory Panel