Happy New Year from IBEX Innovations!

Maximising the Value of Every X-ray

IBEX is on a mission to transform medical X-ray imaging by extracting the maximum amount of diagnostic value from every X-ray scan.

Using advanced physics modelling and AI methods, IBEX Trueview® delivers better image quality and compositional outputs such as bone health normally only associated with more expensive dual energy methods.

Transforming lives with opportunistic bone health screening

IBEX has a vision to reduce deaths and improve the quality of life through increased early detection of osteoporosis.

Trueview software automatically generates an accurate measure of bone health from compatible DR scans, with the potential to deliver £1.8bn savings and 230,000 QALYs annually in the UK, US and EU.

Consistently better images with accurate gridless scatter correction

Trueview physics-based scatter correction removes the need for a grid in most imaging protocols to deliver improved workflow efficiency and better diagnostic outputs at up to 50% less dose. Available for integration today, Trueview delivers proven value in fixed and mobile DR, 2D and 3D Mammography, Tomosynthesis and Cone Beam CT.

Harnessing the Power of Physics and AI

At the heart of Trueview is a real-time physics and AI engine which models every X-ray interaction to build a precise 3D model of scatter and body composition from a single energy radiograph.

Compatible with all X-ray imaging modalities, the unique IBEX approach goes far beyond standard image post-processing and AI methods to deliver robust, physically accurate scatter estimates and compositional information normally only associated with dual energy methods.

IBEX Trueview® can also generate high volumes of ready-labelled synthetic X-ray images. AI models trained on Trueview synthetic data perform as well as or better than those trained with real data on unseen real images.

Bone Health

Measure bone health from every compatible DR scan.

Detect osteoporosis with 0.91 sensitivity and 0.97 specificity.


Gridless scatter correction for 2D, S2D and 3D mammography.

Improved diagnostic image quality at reduced patient dose.

Digital Radiography

Gridless scatter correction and advanced post-processing for fixed and mobile DR.

Higher quality images at lower dose for more accurate diagnosis and improved clinical workflow.

Tomosynthesis and Cone Beam CT

Gridless scatter correction and advanced denoising for 3D imaging.

Reducing scatter artefacts and noise, improving bone and soft tissue contrast, delivering enhanced diagnostic image quality.

Seamless Integration and Workflow

IBEX Trueview® is supplied as an SDK for integration into any DR, Mammography or CBCT system, operating in parallel with the standard image processing pipeline. Trueview takes raw image data prior to post-processing and aside from removing the grid, requires no change to the system or imaging protocols.

During operation, Trueview delivers a scatter corrected image almost instantly, and a measure of bone health from compatible DR scans within a few seconds.

Scatter corrected images are fed back into the manufacturer’s post-processing pipeline or processed with the Trueview image processing package.


Bone Health Classification

£700k cost savings and 410 QALYs per year for a typical NHS Trust from early osteoporosis detection

Better Images

Accurate, robust scatter correction and advanced post-processing for better diagnostic images at lower dose

Streamlined Workflow

Reliable gridless imaging for all protocols. Reduced set-up time and consistent image quality with fewer retakes

Compositional outputs

Additional diagnostic value from bone and soft tissue discrimination in single energy scans

Clinical Opinion

“I am now convinced that this technology could make a major contribution to the identification of people with osteoporosis and at risk of fractures.”

-Dr. Stephen Tuck: Consultant Rheumatologist at James Cook University Hospital.

“The data I have seen from the study so far is fascinating and exciting, as I think it has the potential to change the way we screen individuals to assess their bone health.”

-Professor Amar Rangan: Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at James Cook University Hospital.

“Confidence in my diagnosis is much higher with the Trueview images, especially in the lung peripheries and mediastinal structures

-Dr Richard Hartley: Consultant Thoracic Radiologist – South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

“The contrast between fat, bone and tendon, is significantly greater on the Trueview image

-Dr. Phillip Wardle: Director of National Imaging Academy of Wales.

The Trueview technology developed by IBEX Innovations offers significant promise for the opportune screening of osteoporosis in wrist/distal radius fracture patients

Dr Karen Hind PhD, CCD
Associate Professor, Durham University; Board of Directors and UK Panel Chair, International Society for Clinical Densitometry.

Our mission is to offer the best possible image quality to our customers. The features offered by Trueview solve several physics-imposed problems in an elegant way and therefore contribute greatly towards this goal

Dr. Georgios Sakas, CEO & Founder of MedCom.