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Addressing the £50bn global cost of osteoporosis

IBEX has a vision to reduce deaths and transform lives through earlier detection and treatment of osteoporosis, from opportunistic bone health screening on standard X-rays.

IBEX Trueview® can deliver an accurate bone health classification from up to 30% of DR scans collected for other clinical examinations. This unique capability offers increased and earlier identification of poor bone health with the opportunity for timely intervention and treatment using well-established clinical care pathways.

Increased early detection with IBEX Trueview® leads to reduced healthcare costs and increased patient QALYs

A Fracture Tsunami

Osteoporosis is a particularly deadly and debilitating disease affecting 200 million people and resulting in more than 8.9 million fragility fractures globally each year. In Europe there were 3.5 million new fragility fractures during 2010, leading to healthcare costs of €37bn and the loss of 1.18m Quality-Adjusted Life Years.

Fragility hip fractures in the UK carry a 33% one-year mortality rate with 60% of survivors having difficulty with at least one daily activity and 27% entering a nursing home for the first time. The situation is expected to worsen as diagnosis and treatment pathways fail to keep pace with increased osteoporosis rates arising from a rapidly aging population.

Read below to learn how IBEX is committed to addressing the fracture tsunami through opportunistic bone health screening on standard X-rays.

IBEX Trueview® – delivering an accurate osteoporosis diagnosis from standard X-rays

Using advanced physics modelling and AI methods, IBEX Trueview® can return an accurate measure of bone health from up to 30% of the DR scans taken for other clinical purposes.

Trueview is applied retrospectively to scan data, requiring no change to system hardware, operating protocols or radiographer workflow. For compatible scans, a bone health classification is automatically reported, enabling patients with suspected osteoporosis to be flagged and directed into the appropriate osteoporosis care pathway.

Trueview matches bone thickness CT ground truth with an R2 value of 0.982 for all body parts. In a recent clinical study of DR neck of femur scans, Trueview reported a 0.91 sensitivity and 0.97 specificity to osteoporosis.

Phantom study showing the linear correlation between Trueview bone thickness and ground truth bone thickness as measured by a CT reconstruction.

The benefits of Trueview opportunistic bone health screening

Trueview turns every compatible X-ray into an opportunity to screen for bone health in the general population, for example on low trauma distal forearm fractures, many years before a debilitating or fatal hip fracture.

Healthcare economics modelling predicts that once widely adopted, Trueview would lead to 1.84m fewer fractures and 110,000 lives saved over an initial 10 year period in the UK, EU and USA.

This is predicted to generate £3.8bn of cost savings and £15bn of QALY benefits annually across the UK, EU and USA in the 20th year after adoption.

Trueview adoption in the UK, EU and USA offers the potential for 1.8m fewer fractures over 10 years 
Trueview adoption in the UK, EU and USA  offers the potential to save 110,000 lives over 10 years
Healthcare Economics modelling based on a Markov model of the NHS care pathway

Partnering with OEMs to bring Trueview to market

Trueview offers X-ray system manufacturers a rare opportunity to add significant value, increase margins and expand market share in the highly competitive and commoditised DR market.

IBEX is seeking partnerships with leading OEMs to bring the Trueview bone health product to market. Contact us today to discuss an evaluation on your systems


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