Advanced 3D Reconstruction Software for CBCT and DRT

The launch of IBEX Trueview® Recon represents a new era for high-quality, artefact-free 3D reconstruction.

Metal artefact reduction using IBEX Trueview®

Trueview Recon, IBEX’s 3D Reconstruction Engine, generates the most accurate reconstructions, with unparalleled HU uniformity, contrast, and noise, even at a reduced dose.

The state-of-the-art technique takes a unique AI and physics-based approach to tomographic reconstruction which considers the true origin of noise and artefacts to deliver high-quality 3D volumes with minimal artefacts and low noise.

Trueview Recon is applicable to all tomographic X-ray systems (including CBCT, DR Tomosynthesis, and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis) and incorporates a range of features such as:

  • Advanced Artefact Correction – State-of-the-art noise management, scatter and beam hardening corrections, and advanced metal artefact reduction
  • Iterative Reconstruction Methods – Designed with a flexible 3D geometry, the Engine incorporates iterative reconstruction methods to reduce noise and artefacts, and deliver the very best image quality
  • Advanced Visualisation – A package of advanced post-reconstruction visualisation tools to project 3D volume data into high-quality 2D digital radiographs.

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