Reducing costs and improving quality of life through earlier detection of osteoporosis

Health economics modelling shows that adoption of IBEX Trueview​® software for the early diagnosis of osteoporosis could save £9.2 million in costs and generate 1,650 QALYs over 20 years for a typical NHS trust.

Tackling the Osteoporosis Crisis

Using advanced physics modelling and AI methods, IBEX Trueview® turns standard X-rays into an opportunity for early diagnosis of osteoporosis, a disease that currently affects 200 million people and results in over 8.9 million fragility fractures globally each year.

Osteoporosis needs to be treated proactively not reactively. Preventative treatment is cheaper and more effective when it comes to reducing fractures. IBEX’s latest health economics model makes it clear that increasing case finding of osteoporosis is both low-cost and QALY effective.

IBEX Trueview® offers a route to increased case finding by providing a fracture risk assessment on all compatible X-rays, enabling more timely intervention for patients at risk.

The Health Economics Model

IBEX developed a Markov state transition model to establish the value of Trueview in comparison to the current osteoporosis care pathway. The model was audited and approved by York Health Economics Consortium.

Results show that Trueview can generate a trust level cost saving of £9.2 million and 1,650 QALYs over the first 20 years as a result of 1,923 fewer fractures and 54 fewer deaths. Sensitivity analysis showed that IBEX Trueview® was both cost saving and QALY beneficial in all cases.

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For more information on the approach, model, and findings of IBEX’s health economics research, take a look at the paper linked below:

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Trueview offers X-ray system manufacturers a rare opportunity to add significant value, increase margins and expand market share in the highly competitive and commoditised DR market.

IBEX is seeking partnerships with leading OEMs to bring the Trueview bone health product to market. Contact us today to discuss an evaluation on your systems.

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