Tackling Osteoporosis – The Hidden Killer


…is approaching and the resulting human and socioeconomic burden will have an enormous impact on all countries with ageing populations.

Gaps and Solutions in Bone Health: A Global Framework for Improvement (

An estimated 3 million people in the UK have osteoporosis, with 500,000 fragility fractures a year costing the NHS more than £1bn per annum. Tragically, hip fractures have a one-year mortality rate of 33% and up to four fifths of patients will be unable to carry out at least one independent daily activity within the first year after a fracture.

Despite these sobering facts, it is estimated that 50% of people with poor bone health currently go undiagnosed, and 80% of those with a broken bone remain untreated against future fractures. A US study found that 7.2% of post-menopausal women unknowingly had osteoporosis and were 350 times more likely to suffer a bone fracture within a year than women with normal bone health.


So, do things have to remain this way? With IBEX Trueview, the answer is a definitive no!

Although 50% of those with hip fractures will have had a previous fracture, the majority will not have been tested for poor bone health due to the limitations of current X-ray scans. This misses a vital early opportunity to intervene with inexpensive lifestyle changes and drug treatments before the patient suffers debilitating fractures.

IBEX Trueview uniquely measures bone health from every X-ray scan, with no change to the system or imaging protocol. This presents a unique opportunity to screen all patients presenting with a fracture for osteoporosis, regardless of age or gender and to provide timely intervention and many more decades of healthy, active life.

Or as Dr Stephen Tuck, Consultant Rheumatologist says:

“The ability to identify at risk individuals from standard X-rays has enormous potential. In many places there is a low pick-up rate for treating individuals post fracture and around the world access to DXA is limited. I am now convinced that this technology could make a major contribution to the identification of people with osteoporosis and at risk of fractures”

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