IBEX AX – Projecting CT volume data into Digital Radiographs

IBEX AX offers fast and reliable 2D reconstruction from captured 3D data, bridging the cap between CT and general radiology.

IBEX Augmented X-ray combines unique elements of AI with classical image processing and advanced post-processing to deliver unlimited 2D Radiographs from any 3D volume with no added dose.

The cutting-edge software also incorporates AI-automated foreign object removal that removes casts, supports, and metal implants, allowing for clearer anatomical viewing.

Left: Conventional MIP Right: IBEX AX Synthetic X-ray

With limitless viewing options from any angle or orientation, this state-of-the-art technology provides clinicians with fast and automatic 2D visualisation of CT volume data, creating the potential for easier surgical planning and faster diagnosis.

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