Solving the AI data problem in medical X-ray imaging

Accessing the high volumes of clinical data required for AI training can be a real headache. Overtraining from small datasets and the red tape, cost, and the time required to access enough data can all seriously impact your AI product development and eat up limited R&D budgets.

Synthetic X-ray data may be the answer

IBEX Trueview X-ray Simulator generates huge volumes of highly accurate synthetic data, allowing you to cut through the red tape and access the data you need to fast-track your AI development.

Trueview synthetic X-ray data has been shown to match real data to within 2% pixel-to-pixel values and comes ready-labeled with known ground truth including the effects of noise and scatter.

AI trained on IBEX synthetic data has been proven to outperform those trained on real data when applied to real clinical images. What’s not to like? Almost unlimited data covering all possible system configurations, protocols, and patient types generated from a single input 3D volume.

Instantly create as much data as you need, speed up your development, and validate your AI before moving to time-consuming and expensive clinical data sets.

Delivering high value for AI developers

IBEX Trueview X-ray simulator provides the opportunity to develop new product concepts without the need for large clinical datasets, validate the clinical and commercial business case before expensive clinical trials, and assess the impact of image post-processing on AI accuracy.

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