The official document granting IBEX US patent 9519068 has arrived!  This patent, granted on 13th December 2016, protects IBEX technology in the US, and joins IBEX’s four British patents and a Taiwanese patent granted so far.  Other patent applications are pending around the world. 

Dr. Gary Gibson, CSO said, “We’re delighted that the US Patent Office has granted a patent for the core IBEX technology. It’s exciting to see an idea first conceived in 2010 has now been fully patented in the UK, USA and Taiwan and is forming the basis of a technology that is being commercialised in the medical, security and food inspection markets.”

About IBEX Innovations Limited

IBEX Innovations Limited (IBEX) is a venture capital backed technology business focused on the commercialisation of patented X-ray detector technology for medical and industrial imaging markets. The IBEX technology, which retrofits to existing X-ray detectors, recovers spectral information normally lost in digital X-ray imaging to classify materials in the sample and deliver improved detection of defects and impurities. IBEX is developing applications for its technology in multiple industrial markets including food inspection and NDT, and for medical radiography where the technology is expected to generate improved diagnostic images at reduced patient dose.

For further information on IBEX, please visit WWW.IBEXINNOVATIONS.CO.UK

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