IBEX is keen to encourage young people in scientific endeavors and, following four work experience students in 2016 and involvement in various outreach activities, 25th January saw IBEX’s Senior Applications Scientist, Dr. Tamzin Lafford, deliver a science lesson in French to a year 11 class at LONGBENTON HIGH SCHOOL.  The session briefly covered the discovery of X-rays, and diffraction of light by a grating leading to diffraction of X-rays by crystals, passing via several Nobel prizes to radiography and IBEX Materials Classification Technology.  The students were engaged and interested, participating in a laser diffraction experiment and calculations as well as some short language comprehension exercises.  The session ended with a few minutes’ Q&A discussion on subject choices, aiming to show the students that, besides X-rays being interesting and useful, science and language studies can go together, giving advantages and adding interest to options for further study and employment.

Bravo to Caitlyn, Chloe and Connor for carrying out the experiment, and to others in the class for performing the calculations.  From fairly rough measurements of distances, we did well to calculate the grating spacing to within 2.5% of the correct answer.

Thanks to Janet Tinnion (languages) and Joe-Anne Freeman-Myers (science) for facilitating this session and giving their time to the venture; to the AWARD-WINNING LAB TECHNICIANS for technical support; to Mr. Quinn (headteacher) for his interest; and to David Kiernan for letting us hijack the start of his lesson for an unplanned whistle-stop presentation to his rather surprised A-Level physics class.

About IBEX Innovations Limited
IBEX Innovations Limited (IBEX) is a venture capital backed technology business focused on the commercialisation of patented X-ray detector technology for medical and industrial imaging markets. The IBEX technology, which retrofits to existing X-ray detectors, recovers spectral information normally lost in digital X-ray imaging to classify materials in the sample and deliver improved detection of defects and impurities. IBEX is developing applications for its technology in multiple industrial markets including food inspection and NDT, and for medical radiography where the technology is expected to generate improved diagnostic images at reduced patient dose.

For further information on IBEX, please visit WWW.IBEXMEDICAL.CO.UK

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