IBEX has won funding from InnovateUK to test the efficacy of its patented technologies to improve the standard X-ray techniques used in routine screening of women for breast cancer.

Mammography is widely used to detect breast cancer. Abnormalities are identified via changes in absorption contrast and assessed subjectively, which can lead to false negative and positive diagnoses, and considerable stress to the patient. In addition, the breast is a radiation-sensitive organ; there is a small risk that radiation-induced cancers may be induced in healthy women screened in this way.

IBEX technology provides contrast based on material composition difference and thus has the potential to better discriminate between adipose and glandular tissue in the breast than by absorption contrast alone. Through gridless scatter removal, IBEX’s approach could also improve image quality at half the present typical patient dose.

Early detection of any cancer is key to being able to treat more effectively and increase the 5-year survival rate. If proven to be successful, IBEX technology would result in a reduction of false negative and false positive results, earlier detection of abnormalities and a significant reduction in the radiation risks associated with X-ray mammography.

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