Bone health economics research reveals staggering statistics…

With the growth and ageing of the global population, there is a looming threat to individuals, their friends and family, healthcare providers, and the wider economy from the approaching ‘fracture tsunami’. You may have read our recent article ‘Tackling osteoporosis – the hidden killer’ which discusses some of the widespread impacts of bone fragility and osteoporosis, findings included:

  • 17% of men and 34% of women are affected by osteoporosis worldwide
  • Hip fractures alone cost the UK £1bn in 2019 and carry a one-year mortality rate of 33%
  • 50% of people with poor bone health currently go undiagnosed

We decided to dig a little deeper… in our newest white paper we delve into the knock-on effects of these impacts and costs. We looked closer at the individual, the effects of fractures on loved ones, and most importantly, we provide a solution.

As a result of reduced mobility inflicted by osteoporosis, individuals who have suffered a fragility fracture may have to rely on informal caregivers such as family members or friends. In fact, following a hip fracture, quality of life is significantly impaired, with 40% of patients unable to walk independently and 80% of patients restricted in other activities like driving or shopping. This can place a huge cost and time burden on our friends and family.

These huge human and financial costs associated with poor bone health are avoidable with early intervention, and, in the white paper, we examine the solution…

Uniquely, IBEX Trueview software will measure a patient’s bone health from a standard X-ray, meaning that the early signs of a problem can be identified from the point of first fracture, 10-15 years before the onset of serious osteoporosis. This allows us to uncover a window of opportunity to screen all patients with a fracture for osteoporosis, provide timely intervention, and many more decades of healthy, active life.

Learn more about our research, the problem, the costs, and most importantly, the solution in our white paper linked below:

IBEX supplies a range of solutions for accurate scatter correction and quantitative imaging in DR, Mammography and CBCT, including a unique bone health classifier that adds DXA capabilities to standard DR.

We are seeking OEM partners to bring Trueview products to market. Contact us below to discuss how Trueview can bring a valuable new capability to your products and help you gain market share in the competitive medical imaging market.

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