A New £4bn Market for DR Manufacturers

IBEX is pleased to help spread the word of poor bone health, and, most importantly, offer a solution for earlier and more widespread detection of this deadly disease.

Osteoporosis: a £50bn Global Problem

Osteoporosis may not have the same visibility as breast cancer, but it is a massive global healthcare problem with a financial cost of over £50bn per year in the UK, EU, and USA combined.

A 50-year old woman has a 50% higher risk of a hip fracture and the same 2.8% risk of death as she would have from breast cancer over her lifetime. In the UK, hip fractures have a one-year mortality rate of 30% and badly affect quality of life, with 40% of patients unable to walk independently and 27% being admitted to a nursing home for the first time.

These bleak statistics are even more shocking because, if diagnosed in time, osteoporosis is a very treatable disease where low-cost lifestyle changes and pharmacological treatments can be used to avoid future debilitating hip fractures. In spite of this, only 5% of the €35bn EU cost of fracture care in 2013 was spent on drug treatments.

So, if osteoporosis is as deadly as breast cancer but easily treatable when diagnosed, shouldn’t more be done to screen people for poor bone health? At IBEX we definitely believe so – read on to see how IBEX Trueview can provide the answer.

Bone Health from Every DR Scan

IBEX Trueview is a unique physics-based software platform that generates accurate measurements of bone composition from standard DR scans.

In clinical testing, Trueview predicted an osteoporosis diagnosis from single energy DR exposures taken at normal clinical protocols with a specificity of 0.91 and a sensitivity of 0.97. Trueview is compatible with any DR system and performance has been confirmed on DR systems from many of the leading global manufacturers.

Trueview is uniquely able to perform opportunistic screening on X-rays of primary fractures to give early diagnosis and enable treatment of osteoporosis prior to future fragility fractures. Trueview can be applied to both new systems and the huge global installed DR base, making the possibility of widespread bone health screening a reality with little capital investment in new equipment.

A £4 Billion Market Opportunity for OEMs

Health economics modelling suggests that Trueview could generate £2.7bn healthcare savings, £1.4bn of QALY benefits and a 390,000 reduction in fractures annually in the UK, EU and USA.

The immediate adoption of Trueview for improving current clinical practice and improving DXA referrals would generate combined benefits of £1.4bn and reduce fractures by 320,000 per year in the UK, EU and USA.

Applied to opportunistic screening of DR scans, a healthcare provider would recover the cost of a £50k software feature in just 2 months from reduced healthcare costs and QALY benefits. This provides a substantial opportunity for DR manufacturers to create value from their installed base and new systems through a simple software upgrade.

Click below to learn more about how Trueview can transform your DR offering and improve your bottom line.

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