Staff Profile – Meet Caffeine Connoisseur & AI Addict, Thomas Jubb

Thomas Jubb
Technical Lead (AI)

Tom is the AI Lead here at IBEX Innovations and he’s certainly an interesting chap. With extensive experience in the areas of particle physics, dark matter, and of course, AI, Tom joined IBEX during the first COVID-19 lockdown (UK) which was a huge challenge in itself, but, against the odds, he’s still integrated incredibly well into the team.

If you ever swing by the office looking for Tom, he’s the guy sat next to Oscar the skeleton.

To learn a bit more about Tom I asked him a few questions…

A quick summary of what you do at IBEX?
I lead the data and AI developments within IBEX; which covers all current and future AI applications as well as development of a simulation toolkit that we use for synthetic data generation among other things.

How did you find yourself at IBEX?
I started out as a particle physicist at Durham University researching Dark Matter; and after PhD spent time as an consultant programmer at RAL on the muon beam work, then moved back to the North East to work on x-ray security applications before moving into medical imaging where I am now.

Professional background, life outside of work, and some key interests?
I have always been an avid mineral collector and often head into abandoned mines and quarries to hunt out minerals for my collection. I spend a lot of spare time researching or learning about AI; practicing electronics. Lockdown stuff…

What are some of your future goals and aspirations?
I think there are a lot of problems with the adoption of AI and deep learning in medicine and I’d like to think I can help solve those problems and see a time where AI becomes a normal part of medical practice, because it so much potential for good!

Being able to say that what I did gave genuine benefit to the world would allow me to consider my time a success.

A moment in life that you’ll never forget?
I’m pushing 30, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast.

Your go-to productivity trick?
Go and sit in the corner of a local cafe with the largest coffee they sell and put on one of the older Muse albums.

What’s surprised you about working at IBEX?
I started here during the first Covid lockdown and so it’s been an interesting environment in many ways. I never expected the resident skeleton to be such good company.

There you have it, an in-depth insight into the world of Thomas Jubb!

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