CurveBeam to integrate IBEX Trueview

Curvebeam LLC and IBEX Innovations Ltd have entered into an agreement to incorporate IBEX Trueview® scatter correction software into the Curvebeam LineUp multi-extremity CT imaging system.

Curvebeam President Arun Singh comments: “IBEX Trueview® is highly effective in estimation and virtual elimination of image contamination due to scatter radiation, resulting in improved bone segmentation and enhanced visibility of soft tissue in our performance-leading LineUp product.”

Dr Neil Loxley, CEO of IBEX adds: “We are delighted that a market leader in weight-bearing CT imaging has chosen to adopt Trueview. The deal with Curvebeam is a great validation of the value of our physics-based scatter correction methods.”

About IBEX Innovations Limited

IBEX Innovations Limited (IBEX) is a venture capital-backed technology business focused on the commercialisation of patented X-ray detector technology for medical and industrial imaging markets. The IBEX technology, which retrofits to existing X-ray detectors, recovers spectral information normally lost in digital X-ray imaging to classify materials in the sample and deliver improved detection of defects and impurities.

IBEX is developing applications for its technology in multiple industrial markets including food inspection and NDT, and for medical radiography where the technology is expected to generate improved diagnostic images at reduced patient dose.

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