Brian Smith

Brian has worked as a professional software engineer for over 20 years in transportation, radiation detection, particle physics simulation, and low-power wireless device development. He enjoys dinghy sailing, hill walking, and mountain biking in his spare time.

Marija Vella

Marija works within the AI team and helps deliver robust solutions to enhance the functionality of IBEX’s medical imaging software. She holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering with a specialisation in reliable image reconstruction.

Maxine Henry

Maxine is the HR Manager here at IBEX Innovations, she has an extensive background including a degree in Human Resource Management and a master’s in Coaching and Mentoring. Maxine is responsible for all HR operational activities within the company and works strategically to create a great team culture and make IBEX a brilliant place to…

Warren Gibbard

Warren is IBEX’s Clinical Application Specialist, a professional from the world of diagnostic medical imaging. He has Degrees in Diagnostic Radiography, Law, and post-graduate education. He has vast experience working in both NHS & private industries, across a multitude of specialisms such as general radiography, MRI, CT, and undertaking clinical studies. Warren has also worked…

Afaq Sabir

Afaq holds a BA in Computer Animation and has gained a plethora of experience over the years as a C++ software engineer. He has a keen interest in computer graphics and has worked in the games, transportation, simulation, and training domains. He works alongside the rest of the software team in developing high-quality software products…

Dr. Emma Metcalfe-Smith

Emma is responsible for contributing to the development and delivery of IBEX products in the field of bone health. They have a PhD in Physical Sciences for Health with a background in diffusion modelling for MRI. Emma previously worked for a large technology company, striving to translate cutting edge research into tangible products.

Chloe Briggs

Chloe helps deliver and maintain IBEX products by performing calibrations and processing data collected on customer systems. She holds a BSc in Physics from Newcastle University and an MSc in Cancer Biology and Radiotherapy Physics from the University of Manchester.

Jonathan Cullen

Jonathan holds a PhD in theoretical particle physics and works within the AI team to help deliver data-driven improvements to IBEX’s medical imaging software solutions.

Colm Mulvey

Colm joined the software team in 2020 and holds a BSc.Eng. He has accumulated 30 years of professional software development in industrial and telecommunication domains. When away from the keyboard, he enjoys cycling and windsurfing.

Alex Robertson

Alex is IBEX’s marketing specialist, he manages IBEX’s social media accounts, creates content for our website, and generally spreads the word of IBEX! His interests include squash, running, guitar, and all things marketing.