Unrivaled image quality for all protocols

Gridless scatter correction for fixed and mobile radiography

IBEX Trueview® software-based scatter correction removes the need for a grid in most DR imaging protocols, producing improved and more consistent diagnostic images at up to 50% less patient dose.

Trueview just works. The advanced physics and AI engine delivers accurate scatter correction for all imaging protocols and patient sizes. Trueview is robust to source-patient-detector misalignment including offset angles of up to 45 degrees.

The always-on Trueview scatter correction reduces grid handling and delivers diagnostic images first time, every time leading to fewer retakes and increased clinical throughput.

In a recent image scoring trial of Covid mobile CXR images, Trueview was 2.21 times more likely to return a diagnostic image amongst all readers and 8.97 times more likely amongst consultant radiologists.

Trueview scatter correction and post-processing provides unmatched image quality at a lower dose without the need for an anti-scatter grid


IBEX Trueview® provides accurate gridless scatter correction for Flat Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) at lower doses. Founded on state-of-the-art physics modeling technology, this robust scatter correction tool makes physical anti-scatter grids redundant. IBEX Trueview® is effective for all breast compressions and compression paddle shapes. In DBT, gridless scatter correction offers improved image quality and contrast in both reconstructed slices and synthetic 2D images. 

IBEX Trueview® offers improved image quality in FFDM and DBT at a reduced patient dose and lower cost and it is available now.

Trueview provides more accurate scatter correction and more consistent global contrast in DBT

Cone Beam CT

IBEX Trueview® scatter correction and intelligent noise rejection delivers enhanced CBCT image quality across dental, cranial and orthopaedic applications.

Trueview integrates seamlessly to existing data acquisition and reconstruction engines to remove scatter artefacts, improve HU accuracy and generate unparalleled segmentation and renders.

Now shipping in Curvebeam’s range of weight-bearing CBCT systems, Trueview can be provided for integration into existing reconstruction engines or bundled with the state-of-the-art Recotom engine from Medcom.

Trueview’s state-of-the-art digital scatter correction and noise rejection technique greatly enhances Cone Beam CT imaging

DR Tomosynthesis

IBEX Trueview® accurately corrects for scatter for each frame of a tomosynthesis scan to generate significant improvements in reconstructed image quality.

Compatible with all protocols and patient sizes, Trueview completely removes the need for a grid, simplifying system design, eliminating grid cut-off at higher angles and offering up to 50% reduction in patient dose.

Trueview provides accurate scatter correction for each frame in a tomosynthesis data set and improved contrast in reconstructions at up to 50% less dose

Advanced 3D Reconstruction

IBEX Trueview Recon generates the most accurate reconstructions, with unparalleled HU uniformity, contrast, and noise, even at reduced dose.

The state-of-the-art technique takes a unique AI and physics-based approach to tomographic reconstruction which considers the true origin of noise and artefacts to deliver high-quality 3D volumes with minimal artefacts and low noise.

Applicable to all tomographic X-ray systems including Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), Digital Radiography Tomosynthesis (DRT), and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) systems, the software includes a range of artefact correction plugins such as metal and ring artefact reduction, beam hardening correction.

Metal artefact reduction using IBEX Trueview®

Bone Health

Using advanced physics modelling and AI methods, IBEX Trueview® returns an accurate measure of bone health from standard DR scans taken for other clinical purposes.

This means that for the first time, patients receiving an X-ray, regardless of age or gender, can be opportunistically assessed for osteoporosis and placed in a bone health care pathway for treatment, significantly reducing debilitating hip fractures and deaths.

Health economics modelling suggests that in the first 10 years, widespread adoption of Trueview opportunistic screening in the UK, EU and USA would lead to 1.8m fewer fractures and 110,000 lives saved.

For clinical investigation use only, not for sale in the US and Canada