IBEX SC – Multi-modality physics-based gridless scatter correction

IBEX SC is a gridless scatter correction solution powered by IBEX Trueview®. 

Proven in clinical applications including Mobile DR, CBCT, and Mammography, IBEX’s state-of-the-art scatter correction software is a powerful alternative to physical grids.

IBEX SC produces improved and more consistent images at a reduced patient dose for more efficient workflow and reduced costs in:

  • Mobile DR – providing better tube and line visibility without the complication of grid alignment
  • Fixed DR – supporting a wide range of viewing conditions, protocols, and patient sizes
  • Mammography – delivering superior image contrast without a grid in FFDM and DBT (compatible with all breast compressions and sizes)
  • Cone Beam CT – offering improved bone and soft tissue contrast with reduced artefacts and noise

The cutting-edge scatter correction software is powered by IBEX Trueview® technology and can be easily integrated into your system as an SDK with full instructions and support for integration into the imaging pipeline.

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