Meet Coffee Drinking Yogi, Maxine Henry

Maxine Henry
HR Manager

Maxine is IBEX’s HR Manager and also its newest employee. With an extensive background in HR including a degree in Human Resource Management and a master’s in Coaching and Mentoring, Maxine is responsible for all HR operational activities as well as shaping the culture here at IBEX.

Maxine answered a few questions about herself below…

A quick summary of what you do at IBEX?
I’m the HR Manager and head up all things people-related. I’m responsible for all HR operational activities but the focus of my job is to work strategically with the wider team to create a great team culture and make IBEX a brilliant place to work for our people.

How did you find yourself at IBEX?
In all honestly, I had never heard of IBEX and was approached by a recruiter. After meeting the senior leadership team, I knew this was the place for me and was delighted when they offered me the role. I know I will have done a good job when great talent wants to work for us.

Professional background, life outside of work, and some key interests?
I studied Human Resource Management at uni and later studied a master’s in Coaching and Mentoring so working with people has always been my thing. Having gained most of my early career in the shipyards of the Tyne, it’s refreshing to work for a progressive company that wants to prioritise its people.

Outside of work I’m a coffee drinking yogi and underpaid servant to my two boys and their active social life, one I could only dream about for myself.

A moment in life that you’ll never forget?
Discovering straightening irons for the first time. For my unruly curls – they are a game-changer.

Your go-to productivity trick?
I make a list of everything I’d like to do and pick the one thing that is most important, urgent, or time-bound, then I concentrate on that. I celebrate completing my task with a cup of coffee and maybe a snack. Then I move on to the next item on my list. It’s easy to overwhelm myself with long lists so this way I’m more in control of my progress.

What’s surprised you about working at IBEX?
Nothing just yet because I’m so new. I know that leaders set the tone for their companies and I really enjoyed meeting the team during the interview process and they kept in touch with me during my pre-boarding stage. They invited me to their go-karting Christmas party before I started and even got me a present, so, when secret Santa presents were exchanged, I wasn’t left out. They set a high standard for themselves and haven’t disappointed.

There you have it, an insight into the life of HR Manager, Maxine Henry!

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