Adam Ratcliffe

Adam works on the development of the core IBEX Trueview® algorithms. Adam has a master’s degree in mathematics from Durham University and is working towards his PhD with support from IBEX.

Ben Crone

Ben has passion for advancements in medical technology from previous projects and is now focused on the commercialisation of the Trueview software. Outside work, Ben enjoys cycling and playing bass guitar.

Dr. Ben Lopez

Ben’s role at IBEX is quite varied, his core work is on the methodology behind Trueview, but, Ben also dives into some strategy. He plans future updates to IBEX’s capabilities, thinks of new ideas and applications, writes papers, health economics, and classical statistical analysis for publications.

Dr. Tim Whitbread

Tim is applying his acquired knowledge into statistical techniques to develop and improve the core algorithms in IBEX’s software. Tim has a PhD in Mathematics and an MMath degree.

Dr. Richard McWilliam

Richard leads IBEX R&D into image processing techniques. Richard has researched into digital holographic imaging for photolithography and self-repairing strategies for electronic systems

Dr. Thomas Jubb

Tom has extensive experience in the areas of particle physics, dark matter, and of course, AI. Tom leads all data and AI developments within IBEX; which covers all current and future AI applications as well as development of a simulation toolkit that we use for synthetic data generation.

Dr. Chris Egan

Chris leads the team responsible for applying IBEX Trueview® to CBCT and also contributes to core research and applications development in other areas

Dr. David Joyce

David leads the project to bring IBEX Trueview® to the mammography market and also contributes to applications development in other medical imaging markets.

Bradley Reece

Bradley is key to the software team. Responsible for developing the Trueview software product, Bradley recently completed a BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions supported by IBEX. He also ran his own company offering web hosting and virtual servers.