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Materials Classification

The test mosaic illustrates IBEX technology. It is made of stacks of copper and silver foils, giving total thicknesses between 12.5 µm and 600 µm, fitted in a plastic grid on an aluminium backing.

The grey‑scale absorption contrast image shows a random array of grey levels. There is no way to tell which tiles are copper and which are silver, or even that the plastic grid is plastic. Nor is it possible to say which tiles are thicker than others, since copper and silver absorb X‑rays differently - a thinner piece of silver will give the same grey scale as a thicker piece of copper.

From black and white to colour

IBEX MAP technology restores energy-dependent information, allowing reconstruction of an image containing both materials and thickness information.

Click on the arrows in the image pane to see the effect of IBEX technology on the analysis of the X‑ray image.

The data were collected using a tungsten X‑ray tube running at 70 kV, and a silicon flat‑panel detector fitted with an IBEX MAP.

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