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Detector integration

Supercharge your existing detector

IBEX technology readily integrates into any X‑ray imaging camera, including CMOS, TFT, Line‑Array and even CdTe‑based systems. The power of IBEX materials classification imaging is delivered with no compromise to the spatial resolution, speed, or imaging area of the original detector.

The value of IBEX technology has been demonstrated in a wide variety of applications - take a look at our Applications pages.

Working with customers to integrate the IBEX Solution

We work closely with customers to optimise the IBEX system for their specific detectors and applications, and can supply the IBEX MAP and software APIs under license for integration into third-party detectors and systems. Detector technology is supplied with the powerful IBEX analysis software either as a GUI or as an SDK for incorporation into third party applications.

Please contact us to assess the IBEX technology and see how it can add a new dimension to your X‑ray systems.