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IBEX Technology

Single image, single energy - materials classification with any X‑ray imaging detector

By recovering spectral information normally lost in single images from indirect silicon line and area sensors, IBEX‑equipped X‑ray detectors effectively classify both materials and thickness changes in a sample, even in the absence of clear absorption contrast.

The IBEX Multi‑Absorption Plate (MAP) technology rapidly integrates into most existing detector types, and adds materials information whilst retaining the speed, signal‑to‑noise, spatial resolution and imaging area characteristics of the underlying sensors.

Compatible with all X‑ray imaging cameras including large-area FPDs, IBEX technology delivers equivalent or better materials classification in a single image collected at a single kV than direct X‑ray detectors, but with none of their limitations.

IBEX technology is making rapid, large‑area spectral imaging a practical reality. Contact us to find out how we can help you to see more in your application.

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