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Glass in baby food

Food safety is important - never more so than when feeding infants and young children.

Conventional X-ray inspection methods readily pick up metal and stone particles, for example, but struggle with low absorption contrast contaminants. Detecting glass in glass jars of baby food is a particular challenge.

IBEX X-ray vision

In this test, the system was first trained on 20 uncontaminated jars of baby food, to teach it what "normal" looks like. Then, 19 test jars were measured, of which five had been deliberately contaminated with glass beads.

All five contaminated jars were correctly identified on the basis of materials difference. The quantitative measures can be used to set a Pass/Fail threshold in a production environment.

Download this case study and White Paper.

A conventional tungsten X-ray source and a detector equipped with IBEX MAP technology were used.

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